Kitchen Exhaust System

An exhaust system is usually piping used to guide reaction exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside an engine or stove. The entire system conveys burnt gases from the engine and includes one or more exhaust pipes. Depending on the overall system design, the exhaust gas may flow through one or more of:

  Cylinder head and exhaust manifold
  A turbocharger to increase engine power.
  A catalytic converter to reduce air pollution.
  A muffler (North America) / silencer (UK/India), to reduce noise.

Exhaust offers you more choices for your gas or diesel vehicle. Every kalam exhaust system is designed for hassle free, bolt on installation with professional looking results. Kalam’s exhaust systems are engineered & dyno-tested to decrease backpressure, produce more torque and increased horsepower :

  Big Block Sound!
  Enhance Low and Mid Range Power
  Minimal Interior Sound Levels
  Maximum Horsepower & Torque Gains
  Lifetime Limited Warranty