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Kalam Kitchen Equipments is a commercial kitchen types of equipment's one-stop shop for anybody looking to open a new establishment or update their kitchen. At Kalam Kitchen Equipments, we can offer a range of products and services going from shop fitting and design to catering equipment, ventilation, custom stainless steel fabrication and service and maintenance.


We are one of Chennai's largest kitchen equipment providers with extensive experience in the commercial kitchen equipments industry for more than a decades.

We can:

- Design your kitchen
- Provide the best guidance on equipment
- Install, fit, change and alter your kitchen equipment
- Offer planned service and maintenance programs


The kitchen is ordinarily loaded with equipment that needs a great deal of energy like gas and power. It is fundamental that you know kitchen equipment can set aside you time and cash assuming they are energy proficient. Modern kitchen equipment have additional elements, easy to understand and are sturdy than traditional equipment.

Hotel kitchen equipment is an unquestionable requirement in each hotel for some reasons. Truth is these supplies ought to be the absolute first things that businessmen, who want to lay out a food business, ought to consideration. This is on the grounds that a hotel couldn't work without these. They could help in the speedy processing of food.

A critical canteen food preparation unit helps you with saving energy through its catering equipments. Setting the machines like fryers, gas ovens, and refrigerators at exact and precise areas additionally keeps the gadgets from having fixes, mishaps, and harm and guarantees your representative's safety while at the same time setting aside your cash and difficult work.

Stainless steel kitchen equipment can deal with elevated degrees of intensity, so you don't need to stress as a lot over it being harmed in light of neighbouring cooking machines getting hot. Also, you can put hot container and plate’s right on your stainless steel surfaces without truly stressing over any harm. Stainless steel kitchen equipment can really confront the intensity of a heat commercial kitchen.

Commercial kitchen equipment is that they are very energy proficient. Most commercial kitchen owners face the issue of overseeing restricted spaces. The issue of fitting every one of the machines in the small food planning space is cerebral pain actuating. That is where industrial gadgets help your goal. These machines are made to perform huge scope activities and furthermore help in overseeing more space.

Kitchen equipment is generally difficult to deal with. This way you and your staff will actually want to find out about the working of various equipment from specialized specialists. A turnkey Kitchen equipments manufacturer will continuously give far reaching direction. You don't have to come nearer starting with one manufacturer then onto the next - looking for direction for all your kitchen appliances.

A commercial dishwasher is more productive than a manual dishwasher since it washes enormous amounts of dishwasher in a brief time frame. Besides the fact that it decreases work and dispense with the weight off your representatives yet in addition allows them an opportunity to focus in additional on other kitchen tasks. You and your staff will not need to stress over making a dishwashing schedule sometimes.

A bain-marie is an utensil utilized for cooking and warming, it warms the food gently, yet it cannot be utilized for boiling. A Bain Marie is normally a gastro norm viable gadget utilized in helped and self-service buffets. In any case, they can be utilized for food-show or in the kitchen or bottle to keep a steady and even temperature ideal for a particular dish. A bain-marie is great for cooking and warming.

Your commercial kitchen exhaust is a fan over the burner that eliminates the airborne cooking side-effects from the air in your kitchen. While basic to your home kitchen, commercial kitchen exhaust fans are a fundamental safety measure. A kitchen exhaust fan is important to eliminate oil, smoke, and vapour that are available in the air while cooking in your broiler or on your burner.


We believe in excellence, which drives us towards a continued achievement. The natural qualities that picked up us the leadership position contains brilliance endeavoring and an attention on the vision of discipline and trustworthiness. We pride in all that we do, as our industry capability earned us strong relationship with industry driving sellers and logistics companies. This causes us to guarantee development of quality products and its timely delivery.


Customized solution
Modern infrastructural framework
High Capacity warehouse
Delivery within time frame
Highly qualified professionals
Low maintenance
Saving of electricity
Reasonable & attractive price range
Customers’ satisfaction

We “Kalam Kitchen Equipment” based in India are the manufacturers of REFRIGERATION as well as HOT KITCHEN EQUIPMENTS & FABRICATED EQUIPMENTS also. We are also providing kitchen consultancy and planning to our valued customer.

We, successfully positioned in the domestic and international trade, have been engaged in the business since 2004 of manufacturing of Kitchen Equipment and are poised for larger values and volumes from a growing presence in global trade.

We at Kalam Kitchen Equipment provide innovative solutions for Kitchen Equipments and are driven by performance rather than size, which enable us to enhance our competitive edge and be on top of the list.

Our wide range of best quality products gives our customers the level of satisfaction they want to smoother their business operations.


We are the one of the leading global manufacturing unit for commercial and industrial catering equipment. To build a high degree of customer retention. To exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.


To provide the timely delivery of products whose performance and appearance are in accordance with our tradition of high manufacturing standards. To develop diversified markets to provide stability and adequate financial returns. Our vision and mission by constantly seeking renewal via continuous education and learning.


We keep up an excellent relationship with our clients. Designing group will carry our creation mastery to your smart thoughts help you to form a superior variant of it. We look past today, envision the steel tomorrow. So it will end up being your future item with our fashioning.

Our laborers are spent significant time in structuring and manufacture for quite a while. So we can compute and give you the normal time frame it takes to convey the item to your hand. Similarly, our experienced specialists and laborers are prepared to guarantee the most limited manufacturer time.

Do you have any uncertainty that cash in your grasp isn't sufficient to manufacture what you truly need? Try not to stress. We reveal to you the best arrangement which precisely fits in your wallet you can purchase what you need all things considered, which is uncommonly structured only for you.

All the steel products you wish to design can be made in a similar spot. We convert your essential ideas to any sort of assembled product. So you don't need to leave the building until you are completely happy with our service.

Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with all of our customers.

Our mission is to provide solutions for secure kitchen environments.

Our objectives is to give an absolute solution for the business with the supply and installation of a complete scope of hotel, kitchen, bakery and catering equipment at a moderate cost pursued by a kitchen plan and design at the client's request.

Our concept of a standard kitchen is to give the foundation to improve the advantage of proficiency, safety and least wastage and help the clients accomplish and keep up those principles in the business guaranteeing quality and productivity.

* Hotels
* Restaurants
* Hospitals
* Food Courts
* Educational Institutions
* Industrial Institutions / Canteens
* Take Away Outlets
* Clubs

Consistently advancing client needs and concerns, and innovative disclosures request that framework designs be available to encourage change, just as the trading of data. Kalam Kitchen Equipments has the involvement in frameworks building, and the reconciliation thereof, to empower the fruitful programming, plan, and usage of particular Kitchen extends over the nation. With both an instinctive and specialized comprehension of our customers' needs, Kalam Kitchen Equipments offers an outcome driven way to deal with critical thinking.


We are one of the Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of commercial kitchen machines, commercial kitchen types of equipment, commercial kitchen products.

Giving an incentive to cash product inventive thoughts for expert kitchen solutions that can make a benchmark in local market.

We are upheld by an accomplished group of workers who are specialists in their space. Our creators plan special kitchen structures that are one of their own kinds.

* To delight clients and dealers with our products
* To turn out to be ideal and dependable commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer
* To enhance new products
* To be a major part of the worldwide commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing market.
* To deliver best quality at sensible cost.


Each commercial kitchen needs hand-washing stations, dish washing equipment, an ice machine, a refrigerator, and a freezer. Obviously, numerous businesses will require more than that, yet these things are an essential place to begin.

To begin with, you have to decide your exact space details just as your business' remarkable requests. In littler foundations, you can benefit as much as possible from the kitchen by using all the vertical space and putting resources into simple to-move gear. Keep in mind you will require a lot of room for the workers to move around, as well.

Initially, you have to decide your exact space details just as your business' extraordinary requests. In littler foundations, you can benefit as much as possible from the kitchen by using all the vertical space and putting resources into simple to-move gear. Keep in mind you will require a lot of room for the workers to move around, as well.

As a trustworthy business, you ought to consistently organize sanitation. High-grade hardened steel will in general be the most sterile kitchen material out there because of its simple to- spotless and antibacterial properties. You likewise need to organize simplicity and accommodation for your culinary group, which will accelerate generation. For example, search for gear with gaskets you can put on and take off, which will accelerate side obligations. You likewise might need to search for refrigeration gear with computerized shows so you can be 100% certain about your standard settings.

For a long time currently gas has been the favored decision for most commercial kitchen cooking machines, and in especially for hobs and oven ranges. The six burner gas stove range has been, and still is integral to most commercial kitchens, and gas for the most part gives the expert the required exhibition and quick heat up times.

Since every restaurant is different, there is no normal size for a commercial kitchen. Most kitchens extend from 500 to 2,000 square feet in size, so anything that is less than 500 square feet can be viewed as a small commercial kitchen. Before you plunge into the wide cluster of makes and models available, measure each niche and crevice of your cooking space. All things considered, finding the stovetop or stroll in cooler you had always wanted won't do any great in the event that it doesn't fit in the kitchen. While it's significant not to get commercial kitchen equipment that is too huge, you should pick apparatuses that can sensibly deal with the volume of sustenance you hope to create. Gauge these two elements—an area and generation need—when seeing potential buys.

When you comprehend what you need, figure what you can bear. Each bit of commercial kitchen equipment will have various capacities, and it's imperative to pick those that will profit your business. For instance, on the off chance that you utilize a baked good pastry expert, you'll need to spend more on an excellent convection stove than a restaurant that spotlights on fried food.

While commercial kitchen equipments adds to an inside plan conspire, commercial restaurant gear is about usefulness. Rather than picking machines that look decent, discover which pieces will be the most straightforward to upkeep. Those that need progressively regular cleaning or support strategies will eliminate profitability and cost more cash over the long haul.

Particularly with regards to refrigeration equipment like walk-in coolers and freezers, it's imperative to put together your buy with respect to vitality proficiency models. The less vitality an apparatus expends, the more cash your business will spare, and with ovens and coolers running for a considerable length of time, the investment funds will include quick.

Durability : Commercial Kitchen equipment is worked to withstand heavy use (and misuse) from steady use. Remember in a "standard" customer kitchen you make a dinner two or three times each day. In a commercial kitchen, equipment is utilized continually during open hours. So it needs to wear less from use.

Capacity : Commercial Kitchen equipment makes sustenance for huge gatherings of individuals, not simply your group of four or the infrequent evening gathering. So kitchen equipment will in general be bigger than the stuff you use in your home.

Kitchen Equipments Manufacturers in Chennai

Whenever you've chosen the kitchen equipment you need, likewise check to ensure another model isn't coming out at any point in the near future. On the off chance that it is, is it worth holding up two or three months to get the new pack? On the off chance that not, might your ongoing model at any point be overhauled, or will it become outdated or potentially challenging to maintain and find new parts.

Hotel Kitchen Equipments Manufacturers

A large number of these cases are the consequence of eating food arranged in an expert kitchen. It is an offense to 'deliver food damaging to health' or to sell food that doesn't meet security prerequisites - with extreme punishments, including limitless fines, or even detainment for inability to consent. Exceptionally designed hotel equipment , for example, impact chillers can help with guaranteeing this regulation is met, lessening your openness to risk, taking care of the soundness of your clients, and safeguarding your well deserved standing.

Canteen Kitchen Equipments

Can your canteen equipment fulfill need and produce food in the amounts you require? As well as the size and nature of the pack, likewise think about its power abilities. Less strong equipment is probably not going to have the option to keep up, while you could wind up laying out more on maintenance costs because of normal breakdowns.

Kitchen Equipment Turnkey Projects

One of the best benefits of turnkey manufacturers is that it is extremely cost effective. One, since you are not moving toward various organizations, you can save a great deal on transport and installation cost. Two, since you are purchasing various equipment from a solitary provider, you can continuously get your items at a lower cost.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipments

A large portion of the food servicing organizations like to involve stainless steel supplies as these items are not difficult to maintain and looks great as well. Nowadays, the advanced kitchens are changed with these completed equipments. These are contemporary, have clean lines, offer style to any kitchen configuration, furnish safe contact with the food and are not difficult to-maintain.

Commercial Kitchen Equipments

Commercial kitchens consume around 2.5 times more energy per square foot than some other commercial space. Be that as it may, huge investment funds can be accomplished by utilizing energy-productive apparatuses. To be sure, energy proficient kitchen equipment could bring about a 20% decrease on your service bills, conveying investment funds that drive directly to your primary concern.