For cooking grilled items without having to be in your field, char broilers are essential in your commercial kitchen. We carry countertop char broilers, gasoline char broilers, lava rock char broilers, pecan char broilers and many more styles of charbroil grills to help you get the luscious grilled taste your customers are looking and without the chaos.

Our PGB Portable Grill Box cooks hamburgers, hotdogs and much more. This grill box is simple to use and is easy to transport from the storage area to the backyard or to the event site, ideal for any home or catering company. Crafted from stainless steel, this grill box is resistant to rust and corrosion and highly sturdy to keep up with high volume use. This professional-grade grill box, built with a rolled steel surface, will certainly add tempting grill marks to your specialty dishes.
Building Stainless Steel
1/3” thick rolling steel surface
Skilled Grade and 2" High Side and Back Splash


Our Canteen Kitchen Equipment's flatware style is heavy-weight stainless steel flatware with a scrolled motif pattern with a vivid, vibrant finish. This flatware is of the 400 stainless steel series, attractive and economically priced, making it capable of operating with magnetic flatware retrieval systems. Make this set a welcome addition to our great online prices for kitchen equipment for your canteen flatware.
Flatware Basic
Stations of the Buffet
Trays for Compartments
Quick Food Trays / Trays for Cafeteria
Bowls with Melamine
Cups and Saucers of Melamine
Plates of Melamine
Guards Sneeze
Starter stations
Dispensers Tray


We produce a wide range of commercial kitchen appliances, including equipment for the handling of ingredients, refrigeration, food storage, cooking and serves. For all your commercial kitchen needs, ours is a one-stop shop.

We are instrumental in providing a wide variety of commercial kitchen trolleys, exploiting the expertise of our trained team of professionals.


If you are starting a restaurant from scratch or looking to expand your menu, filling your company with the required commercial STAINLESS STEEL kitchen equipment is essential to its success. Some of the essential kitchen equipments are listed below


They are matte finish, implementation of manufacturing material grade as personalized by the customer requirement.
Job Top in stainless steel AISI 304 16 Gauge
Open Burners with cast iron
Manual ignition, Acid-resistant grid casting iron for one top burner
Knobs made of heat-resistant material with adjustable legs


Mat finish, execution of manufacturing material grade as customized by the customer requirement
Job Top in stainless steel AISI 304 16 Gauge
Open burners in cast iron, acid-resistant grid cast iron for one top burner
Knobs of heat-resistant material with flexible legs, manual ignition


Mat finish, execution of manufacturing material grade as tailored by customer requirements
Job Top in stainless steel AISI 304 16 Gauge
Mild 15-mm steel plate, grooved
Manual ignition process
Acid-resistant casting iron with grid for one top burner
Heat-resistant material consisting of knobs
With hole-drain and fat collection cabinet, front grease runner
2 separate cooking areas Gas protection tap 2 separate cooking areas with Legs flexible.


Mat finish, implementation of manufacturing material grade as per personalized requirement of the customer AISI 304 16 Gauge stainless steel work top.


at finish, implementation of manufacturing material grade as per personalized requirement of the customer Top in stainless steel AISI 304 16 Gauge Top We bring a huge range of commercial fryers, so whether you own a large restaurant or coffee house or a compact food truck or concession stand, you can find a choice for your business.

Turn out perfectly cooked ground meats, soups and sauces to heap up quantities and use them for grilling, braising, and even frying a whole chicken.The convenient tilting cooking surface makes it easy to move cooked products from the skillet to a food pan or a container for food storage, and either manual or automatic controls are available.


A 'turnkey solution' implies that to get the company or project up and running, the customer would just have to turn a key. Giving the customer the time to concentrate on their concept, their team and all the other duties involved in starting or restarting a company.

Turnkey project solution leaders are skilled in managing every aspect of a full-service project, using different disciplines from back of house equipment and architecture to front of house furniture and interiors.

Customers should anticipate that they will be returned to a turnkey agreement venture and fully operational when they are prepared. Enforced by the best and constant labor force and these administrations are extremely acclaimed and applauded under the assistance of consistent chiefs. To note, in the midst of our customers, these administrations are massively asked for their reliability and adaptability

A range is evidently the most fundamental piece of equipment in a commercial kitchen. You'd be notable find a kitchen without one! A range solidifies a stove with an oven, making it possible to get ready food simultaneously in an solution of ways. This joins gurgling, fricasseeing, holder consuming, getting ready, canteen and stewing. A little scene may simply require a range with two burners while a high-volume setting may use a range with up to 12 burners, setting up a grouping of dishes immediately.

COMMERCIAL STOVES come in all shapes and sizes for warming, getting ready and stewing, reaching out from the unassuming and basic microwave to specific pizza and rotisserie grills.

FRYING PANS AND LEVEL TOP FLAME BROILS use a glow source underneath a level plate which empowers food to cook quickly and similarly. They are used to cook an solution of food’s, from steaks to hotcakes, and are perfect for canteen colossal measures of foods as soon as possible – which is the reason you'll frequently find them in high-volume settings, for instance, bistros.

CHAR GRILLS (or dish broilers) show up and taste of flame broiled foods, making them ideal for canteen meats, especially burgers!

SALAMANDERS (or overhead flame broils) are pretty much nothing, autonomous stove units that can be used for different canteen needs, from crisping up the most astounding purpose of a dish to melting cheddar and toasting sandwiches.

DEEP FRYERS are another critical piece of canteen equipment that you're most likely going to go over in various scenes. Significant fryers can be used to set up a solution of food, from fish and hot chips to doughnuts. They come in stay single or edge collections, with various types depending upon the food arranging needs.

STEAMERS are used to quickly steam, poach, stew, defrost or warm food in what is generally seen as an increasingly profitable game plan methodology. Rice cookers and the Bain Marie (used to warm fixings carefully and logically or to keep food warm over some stretch of time) fall into this solution.

SOUS VIDE insinuates a methodology for getting ready where food is vacuum-fixed in a plastic pocket and steamed for broad stretches at low temperatures. You're most likely going to go over sous vide canteen if you work in a gourmet restaurant, in which case you'll get settled with vacuum packaging appliances and vacuum packs.


FOOD PROCESSORS have replaceable edges that quicken the system of dreary food arranging assignments, especially severing and beating. Remarkable vegetable prep models feature a chute through which vegetables are supported for hacking, obliterating, crushing or julienning.

BLENDERS are used for emulsifying and liquefying, making them ideal for making sauces, soups and smoothies.

KNEADING MIXTURE, making cake player, whipping eggs or arranging cake icing...? A blender will be your nearest buddy, saving time and potential RSI wounds. Additionally, stick blenders (or soaking blenders) are more diminutive, hand-held blenders that consider mixing sauces, soups and stews in the holders in which the food is being prepared. A couple of models incorporate a whisk association moreover.

SLICERS are primarily used to cut meats and cheeses (yet moreover various diverse food) into thin, uniform cuts for finishing presentation. They can be physically or normally worked and can even cut set foods. Its relative, the mandolin slicer, is used for cutting foods developed starting from the earliest stage.

Cleaning and sanitizing dishes in a commercial kitchen isn't actually as essential as at home. Each bistro will incorporate a significant sink with a hose for flushing, near to a commercial grade dishwashing machine – under-counter or the greater 'portal type' (which can feature a vehicle line), both proposed to clean colossal measures of dishes at once. Normally you will find separate glass and pot garments washers in a restaurant to oblige these different needs.


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Kitchen Equipments
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