Kalam Kitchen Equipment, offers a single stainless steel table to a complete commercial catering kitchen, is manufactured in house and quality checked prior to delivery and installation by trained engineers.

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From small cafe shop to large restaurant establishment, when choosing catering equipment there are several points which need to be considered: Is your commercial kitchen equipment’s choice.

➤ price competitive
➤ of best quality
➤ suitable to produce your menu
➤ the correct size to suit ur kitchen
➤ energy efficient

To enable the smooth running of your commercial kitchen equipment you also need to consider what will happen if equipment fails. It is therefore important to consider the following when making your equipment choice:

➤ warranty period covered
➤ service backup facility

Kalam Kitchen Equipment, commercial kitchen equipment we not only offer free advice on catering equipment supply, but also, on all heavy equipment purchases, we offer a free site survey on request. This helps us to establish site access, current mechanical and electrical services and ensure kitchen exhaust systems requirements are met.


➤ The aim of planning a kitchen is to achieve a work area which creates maximum efficiency and safety and keeps wastage of labor, energy and material to a minimum.
➤ Whether it's a large or a small commercial kitchen layout for a restaurant, hotel, canteen or pub, the following design principles apply and should be considered when creating good workflow in the kitchen:


➤ Ensure delivery vehicles have good access to your establishment and where possible direct access to the cooking area.
➤ Allow adequate space for dry, chilled and frozen goods to eliminate the need for delivery personnel to enter the food preparation area.


Commercial kitchen equipment’s guarantee mass dealing with – Running a commercial kitchen implies it needs to oblige an enormous number of individuals simultaneously. In this specific situation, it is essential to utilize contraptions that can deal with mass exercises regarding amount for a more drawn out timeframe. For instance, if there an espresso machine, it can guarantee supply to atleast twenty to twenty five individuals at any given moment, which wouldn't have been conceivable physically. Enormous commercial preparing set-ups guarantee parallel heating of countless things at once. Likewise various things can be heated at various units. One wouldn't need to trust that a group of biscuits will be heated to put a new attempt of biscuits. The mass exercises can occur at once.

Commercial kitchen equipment’s spare time – For a similar reason that mass requests can be dealt with at once, it is a much efficient procedure also. Here nobody needs to trust that a lot of canteen will be over to start a crisp set. All the canteen exercises can happen simultaneously and at synchronized speed.

Minimizes manual treatment of exercises The use of devices and types of equipment for commercial kitchen guarantees that a large portion of the exercises are finished with the assistance of the contraptions and there is less of direct human contact with the exercises. Like commercial sweet-production making, espresso appliances, and so on guarantee that the immediate treatment of the food is limited. This guarantees a substantially more sterile and subjectively adjusted result of the products. This is a fundamental part of the commercial kitchen.

Helps in appropriate synchronization of services - Commercial kitchen types of equipment are tied in with canteen types of equipment as well as incorporate types of equipment like dishwashers, coolers, service supplies and so on. Every one of the exercises can happen in a synchronized manner if there is legitimate treatment of every division – cleaning, washing, stockpiling, service, and so forth and that is conceivable just through commercial types of equipment. For instance, the dishwashers empower the staff to have a prepared supply of naturally washed dishes and porcelain prepared for service at the most limited time conceivable. This wouldn't have been conceivable if the thing is done physically.

These are a couple of reasons why it is imperative to have commercial kitchen equipment. Commercial Appliances guarantee an appropriately kept up, adjusted idea of services to the customers, alongside sound and delectable food. A client pays cash for guaranteeing food and services as far as quality, cleanliness and on time conveyance. What's more, that is guaranteed through commercial kitchen types of equipment.


Commercial Kitchen Equipments
Commercial Kitchen Equipment manufacturers
Commercial Kitchen Equipment manufacturers in Chennai

Commercial Kitchen Equipments
Commercial Kitchen Equipment manufacturers
Commercial Kitchen Equipment manufacturers in Chennai